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Ink Waste Art

Naturally beautiful art inspired by recycled ink.

Ink Waste Art is a new, naturally occurring, one-of-a-kind phenomenon. Ink waste is typically collected from leftover print projects and stored in a 55-gallon drum for recycling. This type of art is carefully captured at the exact right time during the recycling process. During the collection phase, the multi-colored ink mixes with itself to create beautiful, new patterns that can’t be found anywhere else.

Amanda and Firespring have been creating this new type of art for more than 18 months. And while not all the ink used from our printers makes it onto a finished product that ships out of our doors, that excess ink goes on to serve a greater purpose as an inspiring and interpretive piece of Ink Waste Art.

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Each piece of Ink Waste Art is printed on 3/16" thick UltraBoard (white face, black core, black back). The UltraBoard is made from a polystyrene (plastic face) and enhanced by a compressed polystyrene foam core. Every Ink Waste Art print is front-laminated with a high-gloss film to enhance color and visibility while protecting each piece of art from scratching.

  • Amanda Russell, lead signage specialist, Firespring
    Amanda Russell, lead signage specialist, Firespring

    "Ink Waste Art perfectly captures my passion for print. It’s hard to find something so naturally beautiful that occurs so randomly. One of the most exciting things about ink waste art is how no two pieces are alike. Capturing these one-of-a-kind creations keeps me on the lookout for the next new, natural happening.”